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Look And Feel Your Best, Starting Today

You have many options when it comes to improving your fitness, vitality and the way you feel when you wake up in the morning. Here are a few of the reasons why our members love being a part of Contours:

  • Look Your Best, Feel Your Best

    Contours is all about helping you look and feel your best. Our friendly team members will help design the perfect workout for achieving your fitness goals and putting the spring back in your step.

  • Take Back Your "Me Time"

    With so many demands on your time, a session at Contours is the perfect way to regroup, recharge and restore balance to your day. And thanks to our 29-minute workout, you can get back to your day quickly, feeling relaxed... energised... and ready to go.

  • Clean, Immaculate Studios

    We take pride in a studio environment that is always clean and immaculate. In a clean and ordered environment, you're free to focus on your session.

  • Women See Real Results, Faster

    Many traditional gyms and fitness clubs feature equipment that is not ideal for women. You won't find big stacks of heavy weights in our studios. Nor will you find less expensive hydraulic equipment, as studies show women quickly reach their maximum capacity when using hydraulic equipment and no longer get results from their workouts.

    Our equipment is designed especially for women and features both positive and negative resistance, to ensure you maximize the value of every minute, and see faster results.

To experience Contours for yourself, arrange a free, no-obligation 5-Day Trial by simply completing the form above.


"I finish work at 5.30 in the afternoon and drop into Contours on my way home, half an hour and I'm home by dinner time" - Alison

"Being a mother I find I really need that break away" - Lisa

"I love the fact that I feel a part of the family" - Angela

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